Exchange 2010 Deployment Assistant

First quick look to EDA 2010. Exchange 2010 is for sure shinning in many areas and yet another great tool to help us migration existing mail infrastructure to Exchange 2010

Here is the link to EDA2010

The idea behind this tool is real nice to be honest. I will list some of my feedbacks and if you can think of anything please do leave some comments, hopefully we can contribute to make this great tool even better

Tool should include some basic PS scripts and should be able to generate reports

1. Mailbox count ( number of mailboxes on existing environment)
2. Size of the mailboxes and item count ( good to know prior to mail move and capacity planning)
3. Some basic Information for mail growth, some guidelines how to measure it ( capacity planning, leads for design)
Measure current IOPS on the Exchange servers
4. PS scripts showing white space on each database ( capacity planning , after move, it will be great to know estimated data for each mail database
5. Some guidelines & best practices how to design the databases given scenario, maybe links to download white papers right from this tool.
6. Estimated time for mailbox move, some estimated numbers ** indicating , Exchange is able to accomplish four concurrent move treat each time***
7. Build instruction for each server role ( this is already included in the current tool)
8. Some reporting capabilities to be represented to upper management during preparation and after start accomplishing move mailbox task.
9. Some Design best practices with Exchange 2010, Redundancy configurations (DAG) and DB size considerations , along with some basic DAS and disk recommendations given some basic scenario.
10. Some backup recommendations , best practices
11. Decommission check list , steps and KB links

Anything I did not mention you guys would like to include, please leave some comments


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