Disabling meeting update notification in Exchange 2007

It took me a while to figure out whether this is a problem to troubleshoot or if this is by design. Here is the scenario.
User B is User A’s delegate. All messages received by User A has been set to be forwarded to User B.

When User A organizes a meeting with any user, this gets forwarded too.

But when User B forwards the same meeting request to any email ID, user A Receives this message:

From: Microsoft Exchange On Behalf Of User B
Sent: Date and Time
To: User A
Subject: Meeting Forward Notification: Updated: Subject

Your meeting was forwarded

User B has forwarded your meeting request to additional recipients.

Updated: Subject

Meeting Time
Date and Time


All times listed are in the following time zone: (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)

Sent by Microsoft Exchange Server 2007


Exchange 2007 (latest Service Packs)


This is by design in Exchange 2007.


We can disable the meeting forwarders by running the following cmdlet:

Set-MailboxCalendarSettings -Identity Alias -RemoveForwardedMeetingNotifications $true

In the above cmdlet: Alias is the alias name for UserA.

The above command disables the notifications that are generated to User A’s mailbox and is performed on a per user level.


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