Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

Role Based Access Control (RBAC) is the new permissions model in Exchange 2010. If you have not heard about RBAC here are the links to get familiar with it.

If you have just done installing Exchange 2010 and wondering how are you going to give Exchange rights to your network administrators here is the quick way to get to Role Based Access Control (RBAC) user editor, Open your EMC on your exchange 2010 server and drill down to Toolbox, click on RBAC.

As soon as you click you will get to ask to log into OWA (-:, use administrator account ( or account you use to install Exchange 2010) to login.

Click on “administrator Roles”

Click on organization management ( In this example I am going to give rights to my own account to manage the organization settings, the nice things about this new windows is, it is very informative , you can literally read the description of the group and will find out what privileges the group preserves.

Make the proper changes and click on save button.

Information Rights Management Role
Understanding Role Based Access Control
Permissions Cmdlets
Managing Administrator and Specialist Users



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