How to install Lync 2010 Mobility – Installation overview

1. Important CU4!
Update your Lync Server to Cumulative Update 4 First (Prerequisite)

2. Update DNS Entries

  • / per domain (external DNS pointing to Reverse Proxy)
  • / per domain (internal DNS)

3. Update Certificate SANs required for Reverse Proxy

Automatic Configuration without HTTPS

  • No certificate change required (only use if you cannot update your certificates on the reverse proxy)

Automatic Configuration with HTTPS (Preferred)

  • / per domain

4. Update Certificate SANs required on Directors & Front-Ends

  • / per domain
  • / per domain

5. Enable Mobility Ports on Pool

You first have to enable the Mobility Ports on your pool in order to get the Mobility bits deployed.

Set-CsWebServer -Identity “” -McxSipPrimaryListeningPort 5086 -McxSipExternalListeningPort 5087

6. Preparation for Installing Mobility Service
First you need to Install Dynamic IIS Content Compression before updating your Lync Deployment

For Windows Server 2008 R2, at the command line, type:

Import-Module ServerManager
Add-WindowsFeature Web-Server, Web-Dyn-Compression

Download the Mobility Bits:

DO NOT RUN the McxStandalone.msi FILE

Instead you have to copy McxStandalone.msi to the Deployment Cache for Lync:
C:ProgramDataMicrosoftLync ServerDeploymentcache4.0.7577.0setup

7. Installing the Lync Mobility Bits

Rerun Lync Deployment Wizard
Start -> Microsoft Lync Server 2010 -> Lync Server Deployment Wizard

Then Click “Install or Update Lync Server System”

Then Rerun Step 2 : “Setup or Remove Lync Server Components”

8. Publish Lync Mobility via Reverse Proxy

Then Publish the on your Reverse Proxy server in order for your client to get the XML file with the Web Services URLs and then the Lync Mobile Client will use the Lync External Web Services URL to connect to the Lync Mobility Service.
More info on publishing via Microsoft TMG in this post:

9. Enable Lync Mobility Push Notifications

For Lync Mobile on Windows Phone 7 and iPhone push notifications are required when the Lync Mobile application is in the background in order to have full functionality.
How to Enable Lync Mobile Push Notifications:


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