Exchange 2010 Mailbox Role Calculator 19.9

Almost 3 months since the last update, but today the Exchange Team released version 19.9 of the Exchange 2010 Mailbox Role Calculator.

Enhancements since version 18.9

· Revised name of Offline Address Book in MailboxDatabases.csv file

· Integrated revised CreateMBDatabases.ps1 script that better handles database creation with large numbers of databases

· Integrated revised CreateMBDatabaseCopies.ps1 script that performs faster

· Added validation check to ensure message profile has a mailbox size limit

· Added 4TB disks as a disk selection option

· Included prompt for 2nd site GC for on DB Export Primary DB List dialog

· Included prompt for 1st and 2nd site GC on Export Copy DB List dialog

· Revised default for GC on Export Primary DB List dialog to use FQDN

· Revised default for Public Folder DB on Export Primary DB List dialog to clarify it is a DB name

· Added problem explanation text to Distribution tab status line to show why the Calculator considers a configuration invalid

· Updated CreateMBDatabaseCopies.ps1 to use GC1 and GC2 from export file

· Added status information to Diskpart.ps1 to show the state of disks before and after script execution

Bug Fixes since version 18.9

· Fixed issue with "Number of Active Databases / PDC (After Second PDC Server Failure)" formula to ensure that the PDC cannot have more active databases than possible

· Removed rounding on calculating number of active databases / server

· Fixed "DB and Log LUN Design / Server" to accurately calculate /DAG totals when 2 LUNs / Backup Set architecture is chosen

· Fixed conditional formatting issue with Number of Mailbox Servers when the design utilizes standalone Mailbox servers

· Fixed bug preventing running multiple StorageCalc instances from running concurrently

· Fixed bug when saving a workbook under a new name after making changes to the original workbook

· Fixed "Number of Mailbox Cores Required to Support Activated Databases in Secondary Datacenter" to accurately take into account the correct number of remaining servers

· Fixed diskpart.ps1 script to ensure it can be re-executed

· Fixed diskpart.ps1 script to cater for embedded spaces in mount points

· Fixed CreateMBDatabaseCopies.ps1 to read input for Primary site and Secondary site DC’s

· Fixed Export Primary Databases List to use PF Database instead of PF Server

You can download the calculator here. For more information please consult the changeblog or usage instructions