Forefront TMG 2010 SP2 Rollup 5

Release of Rollup 5 for Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) 2010, Service Pack 2 (KB2954173).

Changes in this update:

· 2963805 Account lockout alerts are not logged after you install Rollup 4 for TMG 2010 SP2

· 2963811 FIX: The TMG Firewall service (wspsrv.exe) may crash when the DiffServ filter is enabled

· 2963823 "1413 Invalid Index" after you enable cookie sharing across array members

· 2963834 HTTPS traffic may not be inspected when a user accesses a site

· 2967726 New connections are not accepted on a specific web proxy or web listener in Threat Management Gateway 2010

· 2965004 EnableSharedCookie option doesn’t work if the Forefront TMG service runs under a specific account

· 2932469 An incorrect value is used for IPsec Main Mode key lifetime in Threat Management Gateway 2010

· 2966284 A zero value is always returned when an average counter of the "Forefront TMG Web Proxy" object is queried from the .NET Framework

· 2967763 The "Const SE_VPS_VALUE = 2" setting does not work for users if the UPN is not associated with a real domain
2973749 HTTP Connectivity verifiers return unexpected failures in TMG 2010

TMG support will end on April 14th, 2015 and extended support will end on April 14th, 2020.

You can request Forefront TMG SP2 RU5 directly from support here.