Windows Phone 7 !!

Windows Phone 7 is a latest Mobile Operating System( OS) from Microsoft
I had my hands on Windows Mobile OS from 5.0 and could say version 6.5 is the best. Again it requires high end device or the respose time will be “OK”

Microsoft identified this and has primarily worked on “Perfomance and response time” for new OS “Windows Mobile 7”. There is a Significant improvment in the touch screen accelaration.

This OS will have major impact in the mobile market, for more details and demo can be found here
Windows mobile emulator has always been a great tool for getting used with the new features an OS got to offer and for trouble shooting issues too. For people who had never worked on mobile emulator, there is a great step by step article by Ethan McConnell on MsExchangeteam which tought me “How to”. click Here

If you want to test this OS click Here