Additonal Scripts on Exchange 2010 SP2

As with most Microsoft Exchange Service Packs and some Update Rollups, Exchange Server SP2 introduces six new scripts that are useful to manage and monitor your Exchange organization.

All the canned Exchange scripts are located in the %ExchangeInstallPath%Scripts folder (normally, C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV14Scripts). You can easily change to this folder within the Exchange Management Shell (EMS) using the command cd $exscripts. It looks dirty, but it’s not. 🙂

The six new(ish) Exchange Service Pack 2 scripts are:

  • ConvertOABVDir.ps1 – This script will convert the OAB virtual directory to an IIS web application, as well as create a new application pool called MSExchangeOabAppPool. Converting the OAB virtual directory is necessary to support different authentication methods like Kerberos and Certificate authentication. You need to execute this script on each Client Access Server. Ross Smith wrote about this script in his article, Recommendation: Enabling Kerberos Authentication for MAPI Clients.
  • ExPerfwiz.ps1